Conditions You Must Consider When Selecting Your Metering Pump

 When sizing and selecting a pump, it is important to take into consideration whether the metering accuracy requirements are realistic. You will need to understand the different situations under which your metering pump will be expected to perform. If a condition is overlooked, this can create problems that are expensive to repair. Once you have considered every possible condition, you will own a pump that will not fail.

The Operating Speed

While you should always focus on the normal operating speed, consider situations where the pump might be operating at a lower-than-normal operating speeds. Slips become more obvious during slower operating speeds and can have a direct impact on metering accuracy.

The Clearances

Given that metering pumps are used for metering, it is considered acceptable to ignore the clearances that are normally applied to pump parts to take into account high liquid viscosity. This gives you more flexibility with how you design your pumps.

The Flow Rate

Metering pumps must never be oversized. Therefore, you must know the accurate flow rate to ensure that the pump is always the right size. The maximum expected flow rate should be a few percentage points below the maximum expected flow rate.

The Level Of Corrosion

You must factor in how the liquid being metered can have a long-term corrosive effect on the metering pump. The corrosion can negatively impact the accuracy of the pump and can cause the pump to eventually fail.

The Liquid

In addition to the issue of corrosion, you must take into consideration the chemical makeup of the liquids that will pass through the pump. Standard metering pumps are able to handle liquids that are water-like. The higher the centipoise, the more accommodations that will need to be made. Higher centipoise will require special diaphragms and those that automatically vent accumulated gas will need their own types of liquid ends.

The Pressure Placed On The Housing

One consistent condition that metering pumps are placed under and that must be accounted for is the pressure placed on the pump casing as a result of the mounting and piping strains. Therefore, it is necessary to always follow the recommended mounting and piping practices to ensure that the housing is not cracked.

Each of these factors must be considered or your metering pump will be more likely to become damaged. Also, your metering pump will be more likely to produce an inaccurate result.  Contact a business, such as PFC Equipment, Inc, for more information.